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Saturday, August 25, 2012

retrosketches #24 / ROCKstar & SHOUTouts...

Good morning! Thanks so much for all the amazing entries - we are having a blast looking through them! You ladies are so so talented! And yes, we are still looking through them - so that brings me to a little announcement.

With the challenge ending so close to the weekend, it's difficult for us to finish up commenting and voting before the next challenge starts, so I will be extending the deadline to Friday nights at midnight to enter each challenge, we'll have more time to vote and especially comment and will announce the previous week's winners on the Friday before the next challenge. SO - that translates to: We're announcing RS #24 winners today, and next Friday we'll announce RS #25 winners, etc... Hope that's a solution everyone can live with. I really hate running out of time to comment, and I know you value comments, as we all do!

And now on to the REALLY important business.... please help me give a HUGE CONGRATS to this week's RetroSketch ROCKstar! Her card is beautiful and fun inside and out (literally) and oh so clever -

And here's a BIG CONGRATS to these amazing RetroSketch SHOUTouts....


In all honesty - we could have picked SO MANY more.... Tania, Christine, Emma, Tammy, Scarlett..... well, you get the idea! You ALL had such beautiful amazing cards, and we really do struggle each week because really everyone's cards are out of this world!

As usual you can click on the thumbnails to go see the full size cards  - and I hope you will!

Back in a few with the next challenge~


  1. WOW!! Thanks a lot for picking my card. I am so happy. Hugs, Joan

  2. Thanks for the Shoutout and congrats to Joan! Fabulous inspiration here.

  3. fab cards ladies!!! congrats :)

  4. Thanks so much for the shout out! What a nice surprise :)
    Joan, that is such an adorable card!!

  5. OHMYGOSH! Thanks for the Shoutout and a big congrats to Joan!

  6. Makes me smile to see my name there on your list! Thanks RS Girls... the sketches and inspiration are always fabulous!